Each day we leave our children (that's you) for the work place. Receptionist, lawyer, cashier, dental assistant, baker, judge, teacher; we all share a common bond in motherhood. We each find our thoughts migrating in the same direction--you--our children. And, it's this commonality that unites us in the following thoughts we wish we could tell you.

1. I think about you all day. 

Yeah, you probably already guessed this one, but I'm not sure you understand the extent. When a song comes on the radio that reminds me of you, our heart pitter-patters. We smile. We miss you. If someone brings in double-chocolate expresso brownies (your favorite), we snag an extra one in a napkin for you. When a toddler (or teenager) walks by the conference room, a million memories of you flood our mind. You are on our mind all day.

2. We worry about you all day. 

A siren just went by two minutes ago and I swear I looked out the window to see if it was you. We worry. Daily. About you. If we don't hear back from you when we text you (or call), we get worried, and trust me, our mind goes to the deepest end of the ocean. You've obviously been abducted by aliens, kidnapped by a traveling circus, or something much more dire; answer us, please.

3. We wish we were with you. 

Even us hard-core working women wish we were with our children. We do. Even if we enjoy our job and it's a dream come true, our mind drifts often to you and wonders what it would be like to just sit down and watch Sponge Bob and shove strawberry cupcakes in our mouths.

4. We are heartbroken when we miss a school activity. 

I can't tell you the sadness that permeates the heart of a mother when she misses an important part of her child's life. We are devastated. We want to support you and show that we believe in you, but sometimes, whether we like it or not, work calls us to duty. Fill us in on the details we missed, we don't care how lame or simple they may seem to you, to us Working Mothers, we eat it up faster than a pint of ice cream.

5. We want to trust you. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, we want to be able to trust you are making good choices while we are not with you. So, please, make life easy on us and think twice before you decide to jump off of the roof into the swimming pool, drag race in your '98 Honda, or remove the screws from your teachers desk.

6. We want you to be successful. 

At school, work, with friends, whatever it may be, we want the best for you. We can't always be there to help you with your homework, but we hope you realize your true potential for greatness. We search online for colleges for you, cars, new outfits; whatever it takes to help you succeed. We dream of your greatness.

7. We like to share our day with you.

Telling you stories about work, whether they are sad or funny, is a gift we are giving back to you. We want to share our day with you and we hope (fingers crossed) that you will share your day with us. Honestly, we only care about your day. Share with us. We love it.

8. We worry about bills (and other adult responsibilities). 

Ugh...sorry...but it's true. We worry about these things all day, but not because we want to be on top of the world, but because we want the provide for you. We want to make sure you have clothes to wear, food to eat, and maybe a few extra bucks for a movie on the weekend. It's on our minds all the time, but only because we don't want you to go without.

9. We worry about our job(s). 

The boss yelled at us. A co-worker caused a scene. A long standing client left. The business isn't doing as good as it should be. We worry about the safety of our jobs. Even if we are at the top of our game or even the CEO, we worry. Yes, our pride is on the line, but more importantly, it's about you. We want to be a good role model for you as you embark on your own journey.

10. We just need a hug.

A long, heartfelt hug from you after a long day at work is better than any amount of money (or chocolate). It's true. This simple act is long lasting. I need the moment to connect with you. The embrace may seem silly to you, but boy does it mean the world to me. It can actually change my sanity status from overwhelmed to peace.

11. We love surprises. 

A clean kitchen, a washed car, good grades, grooming the dog; all of these make us happy. We love positive surprises, especially from you. There is nothing better than a happy surprise at the end of a long day, no matter how small it may seem to you, it is big to us.

12. We need to be reassured. 

I know it's our job to kiss your boo-boo's, hold you through a breakup, and tell you everything is going to be okay when you don't make the soccer team, but, sometimes we need the same thing. We need to know it's all okay. However it's expressed, we appreciate it.