Hot Tip #2 Social Media Clean-up 

Yup, all of the rumors are true. Your new employer is stalking your social media accounts--all of them. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blogs. Pinterest. Google+. If you've got a profile, the chances of potential employers viewing them is close to 100%. So, why care? Because what content you have on your Social Media and Blogs can determine the difference between you landing the job or being tossed into the "do not call" pile.

Vulgar Content

A resume came to my attention recently that peeked my interest. This woman had an awesome work history, fabulous experience, and an education that most gals would envy (I did). But, when I checked her Facebook account it was riddled with her posing in nearly every photograph with her middle finger gracing the camera, almost like she was saying, "I dare you to hire me." Not to mention her language on her Twitter account was less than lady-like. And, in a business where we are looking for a fresh, clean image, this gal's resume promptly hit the trash. Fyi: this also includes any nude photos or semi-nude photos you might have on your social media accounts.


I can't believe I have to write this, but, unfortunately, I do. Most Human Resources Departments and fellow manager/bosses can attest to this one: the opinion from hell. Heck, it's a free world, so feel free to have any opinion you'd like to have. Really, please do. But, be aware that an outrageous opinion could cause you a potential job. I once checked a social media account of a promising candidate only to find they had less than complimentary things to say about a particular race. Yikes. No thank you. Especially when our demographic of clients fell within her "free" opinion of hate. My advice? Remove all evidence of opinions that could cause you the job. If it's questionable, remove it.

Selfie Heaven

I talked recently with a group of Human Resource Leaders and we had a lengthy discussion about this third no-no: Selfie Heaven. Most of the them agreed if a social media profile had too many selfie's, it was a turn off. In this day and age of chronicling everything we do, I don't see too much harm in it, but since a group of respected individuals brought it up, I had to ask them why. Each of them gave me the same answer, "It gives a feeling of narcissism.", take this one with a grain of salt, but, to error on caution maybe you could remove a selfie (or 50) just in case.

Bad Habits

Listen, feel free to do whatever you'd like in the realm of your own home, just don't post it on your social media accounts. Employers are screening your online presence. If they find you with a vast amount of photographs where you are drinking or any evidence of drug use, you are seriously harming your chances. This includes pictures of you smoking. One potential candidates was quickly tossed aside once we viewed her social media platforms and found that nearly every photograph was of her drunk.

So, what do you do next?

Clean up your social media accounts--like yesterday. Make sure you have a professional, clean-cut profile photo. Clear any evidence that makes them think you are a foul-mouthed bimbo, a discriminatory fool, a narcissistic maven, or a wine-lush-doobie-smoking gal. Make sure you cover all of your social media accounts and any blogs with your name on them. Remember, this is a new era of hiring. You will be checked online, it happens, every day. I do it. In fact, I've found some of my best folks after I viewed their online presence. One gentleman even made me laugh so hard on his Twitter account, I knew I had to work with him. So, it can work both ways. But, take my advice, and let the pendulum swing in your favor. If you can't clean up your act, at least clean up your social media.