Girl's Night Out is a must for me!

The life of a working mother is often made easier with chocolate, wine, and having great BFF's. It's true, having awesome friends is the key to keeping your sanity while in the line of duty.

Just tonight I spent the night with one of my BFF's talking and laughing about life, kids, dogs, bills, work and everything in between. She probably didn't realize it, but she helped anchor me back to Earth when I felt like taking an adventure to crazy-mom-land. Or maybe she did know. That's how good of a friend she is. I also received a few text messages from another BFF of pictures of her darling babies and a sweet link about having BFF's who live far away (she lives across the country). Simple stuff, but these two women helped me more than they know.

So, make time for your BFF's! Here are 6 simple ideas to help make time for these special women in your life:

1. Lunch Please 

Food! It makes everything better, right? I know it does for me. I once took a personality test in college with the not-so-wonderful results of "You will likely be overweight because your personality type likes to eat and talk with friends." And, since I'm carrying a few extra pounds (ok, 50 extra pounds), it would seem that the dear old man who devised the test was on to something. But, you know what, I don't mind so much. Try it. Schedule lunch dates with friends who you haven't seen in awhile. Take the time to play catch up over some fabulous sushi or the mom and pop BBQ place you've been dying to try. Plus, everyone has 60 minutes to put into their friendship. Hurry, call your friend, schedule that lunch date asap.

2. Girls Night Out 

Ugh...I don't mean like the movies where everyone wakes up hung over and in jail. But, a legit, girl's time--no boys. Seriously, even if you are single, dedicate a night to just fun girl talk. I have a group of friends I hang out with periodically who plan a girl's night once every other month. Typically there is wine, movies, and food involved, but more importantly, there is conversation and laughter. It's a time to kick off my shoes and talk about the silly stuff that we so often neglect while we are changing diapers, cleaning up vomit, or enduring rolled eyes from our teenagers. Schedule it and stick to it...not matter what. Make it a date you don't neglect. Plus, women in groups tends to bring a different vibe.  The mix of personalities is colorful and fun. Organize it if you must, but get moving....

3. Service Projects

Say what?! I know. Sounds crazy, right? But, I mean it. Find a charity that you and a friend (or friends) can serve on a regular basis. Volunteer at a Fun Run to hand out water or go walk rescue dogs.  Open your horizons and enjoy the euphoria from helping others, you'll be surprised how therapeutic it can be. Only one word of caution to you working mama's: be prudent with your volunteer work. As mothers we are constantly giving (let's call it 24/7 volunteer work--ha ha), so keep this suggestion to a minimum, maybe once per quarter. Don't burn yourself out, remember, this is meant to be a fun activity to do with friends, not something to add to your mile long to-do list.

4. Exercise

You knew this was coming, but since you are still reading, I'll indulge you. One of my favorite memories was training for a half marathon with one of my BFF's. It was so much fun I'm smiling even typing this. We had to train for hours together every week and as the race day drew near we were spending hours together on the weekends. It was hard work, but, boy, did we have some great conversations on those runs. And, completing the race was a huge accomplishment for me, but seeing my BFF at the finish line was the ultimate reward. This suggestion is a win-win for everyone. Go to the gym together and walk on the treadmills, push each other to try new aerobic classes (Zumba, anyone?), or be adventurous and start a new hiking trail. Have fun with this one, you won't regret it.

5. Shop til you Drop

All husbands (and bank accounts) will likely frown on this suggestions. Dave Ramsey would be shaking his head in disagreement with me on this one, but, pay no attention to the naysayers on this one. Go shopping with your friends. That's right, I just gave you permission. It's fun and it's a great release to be in the presence of good friends while you are picking out a new outfit or looking for the perfect shower curtain. I'll be honest here, most of my friends have much more money than me, so I'll accompany them on trips to find new paint for their house, curtains for their bedroom, or even a dress for an upcoming wedding. But, shopping is therapeutic with friends and it typically ends with a nice chat at a coffee house eating cupcakes. Don't make this a habit, but a once-in-a-while treat you both can enjoy.

6. Spa Days

You take care of dirty tushes, soiled laundry, and deal with the chaos of work, so now it's time to pamper yourself (with friends in tow). Call your nearest Spa and indulge in a day of luxury. Get pedicures together, tell stories over mani's and relax in the hands of a masseuse. Spa days do not need to break the bank (though you won't seem to care while you're there), so go online and look for deals on coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social.  They are always running fantastic deals. You deserve this and so does your friend(s).

So, no more excuses. Get moving, get shopping, and get pampered. Enjoy your BFF's and make sure you are cutting time out of your schedule to spend with them. I promise, where there are friends, there are happy moms.