We've all heard it before. The seductive calls from the siren of "Working From Home" on the shores of "I hate my job." But, not many take the plunge.  And the ones who do take the risk are struggling. WHY IS THIS?

Since I'm a successful business woman I get cornered at EVERY event I attend from someone who is trying to run an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business or they are trying to launch onto the internet with a business idea or product, and they all ask me the same question: "WHY AM I NOT MAKING MONEY?"

The answer is not the same for everyone. But, it typically falls on the doorstep of Marketing 101 or lack of proper execution. Here are some basic pointers on how to revamp your business marketing plan.

1. Think Outside of the Box

I preach this over and over and over again, but I still feel like no one is listening to me. I promise, it works. You've got to reach outside of the norm of what everyone else is doing. Where is your service or product needed? Who is your ideal candidate or consumer? Create a wish list of ideal customers then decide where they meet. THIS IS EASY! Now, go market in those areas. For example, if you are selling   Christian Jewelry pieces then you should be selling at every local boutique and you should contact the local pastors/preachers in your area and discuss options for them to use your pieces as a fundraising event where they possibly get a portion of the sales (win-win scenario). Or how about the church bookstore? Or, maybe you could sponsor the woman's group? You see, the potential to think outside of the box is endless. Now, get moving and make that wish list!

2. Get the Proper Training (yes, pay for it!) 

There are so many AWESOME training videos available online through reputable people. I just read an article this morning about a young woman who made 1.2 million dollars in her first year of her online business. That amount of money sounds nice about now, wouldn't you agree? But, she credits her success to the hours and hours she invested in online training videos and seminars. Listen, there is an old adage that says, "You've got to spend money to make money" and in this instance that's true. Take a course and watch it over and over again. Really apply the principles it teaches you. I've found online courses that run as low as $40! You can't beat that. So, you skip a date out with your hubby. I promise, it's worth the money.

3. Podcasts are for the Pro's

Now that I've lectured you on paying for help, now I'm going to lead you to a FREE SOURCE of knowledge and inspiration. Podcasts. If you aren't listening and subscribing to speakers in your field, you are behind! Get moving. Take your business serious by listening to a podcast that will increase your business knowledge. These are FREE. And, everyone loves free, right?

Okay, so it's time to get moving with your business. These were just three tips to get you busting a move on your biz. Remember, Rome wasn't build in a day, but, darn, in this day and age you can make a fantastic living running your own business. Stay tuned for more AWESOME MARKETING TIPS from me and a soon to be launched MASTERMIND of MARKETING SUCCESS GROUP!

Good luck and God Bless!