Today, I did a Periscope on these three tips, so I thought I'd share this information on my blog. For those of you that don't know what Periscope's AWESOME! It's a new Social Media platform that allows you to do live broadcasts to the world. Yes, the world. It's amazing. And fun. And addicting. But, I'm not writing on Periscope today. I'm writing about the 3 Tips for overcoming DOUBT.

Ugh. Doubt. It's a dirty word in all areas of life, but when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams it's as fun as dirty dishes and dirty underwear. They stink and no one wants to deal with them. So, here are 3 Tips based on my live Periscope today.

1. Prayer

The first thing I do when doubt seeps into my psyche is pray. Some people prefer to meditate or relax with no noise, and that's okay too. But, for me, I need prayer. I take time to talk with God and let Him know that I am trying to use my talent(s) for good. I express my desire to overcome the doubt and I ask for a refreshing in my mind to help me focus on my goals or dreams. It works every single time. Today, on my live Periscope I had several people chime in that prayer is the cornerstone to their success as well. So, it works. I use it. Daily.

2. Friendship

This is a big one. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, not discourage you. There are plenty of people in the world who will tell you that your ideas are nonsense or rubbish. To them, I laugh. To those people, I slowly weed them out of my life. Find a group of supportive women or men that fulfill the need to encourage, inspire, and uplift you. I have a VERY strong group of friends. I have business friends, work friends, spiritual friends, funny friends, dreamer friends, and so on. I have some friends who fulfill all of these needs and others who fulfill only one, but I surround myself with positive influences and you should too. If you don't have a group, make one. Find them online through Instagram and Facebook (or Periscope) if possible. But, surround yourself with light and goodness because it will help you through the darkness that comes with doubt.

3. Desire

Doubt can seep in when you have lost the desire to pursue your goals. You need to take a match to flame the fire of desire once again. This is very hard to do when the road gets tough and messy. I know because I've been there. You need to take action with this tip. Write out a list of reasons why you started in the first place. Keep a 30 day Journal of Dreams and write out one reason you want to keep going with your dream. Remember, doubt kills dreams.

These are just 3 Tips on overcoming doubt in pursuing your dreams. I enjoyed doing my live broadcast on Periscope this morning. I hope you will continue to watch and listen to me daily. Don't forget I'm launching my #DreamUP Series on October 15th. Sign up to be on our mailing list!

As always, Good Luck and God Bless!