Cooler Temps. Beautiful Weather. Autumn Leaves. Sweater Weather. Fall Holidays. All of the splendor of the year falls squarely on Fall (starting today, of course), and I despise all of it, for valid reasons, as you will see.

1. The temps have finally dropped and the weather is gorgeous outside. This is torture for me as I sit inside writing (or working) and stare sadly out my window wishing I was outside enjoying the awesome weather! Help. Me.

2. Fall brings the delicious, tantalizing flavor (and aroma) of pumpkin to life. I am a sucker for all of it--pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lip balm, pumpkin body cream--Ahh! And, of course, I need ALL of it, spending my money like this isn't going to come around again in twelve months. My diet goes to hell, and so does my waistline.

3. Fall trends bring us clothes that I desperately need (and love), okay, more like want. I try to ignore the callings of the mall, but, it is far too easy to listen to the sirens of the internet. New boots--need. New Sweater--need. New fall blanket with leaves cascading down the front--definite NEED!

4. This is actually an addendum to number #2 because it involves my habit of spending way too much money on Pumpkin-Spice drinks at Starbucks (or any coffee house within the vicinity). In Fall, suddenly the Barista's all know my name, my business, and what I'm doing for the weekend--it's bad.

5. And, lastly, Fall decorations. A necessity at my home. Suddenly every pumpkin themed item at Target MUST be mine, turning my home into a pumpkin-Fall-Halloween mod podge of craziness. All of it totally necessary.

Fall. It's absolutely horrible.