Yes, I know, there is an essential oil for everything. Toothaches. Bellyaches. Acne. Dandruff. I get it. And, yes, I know the amazing health benefits of fruits and veggies. But, did YOU know there are healing properties in cookies? Let me list them for you (Warning: There is absolutely NO medical literature to back up what I'm saying).

1. Heartbreak

Nothing quite heals a broken heart like a plate of cookies. You can drown your loss with a cup of a milk and--VIOLA!--heartbreak gone. Add a few friends into the mix and then the combined sugar high and laughter will compound into a beautiful mixture of the I-don't-give-a-(enter your preferred curse word) attitude. Problem solved. Repeat as many times, if necessary.

2. Work Problems

Co-worker causing drama. Boss being a freak. Customers acting insane. Project raising your blood pressure. Sales down. Cookies will help like you'd never suspect. Grab a delicious cookie (or two, or fifteen) and a cup of Joe; problem solved. My favorite thing to do is to sit in my car and just dream while I chomp--another job, another life, stabbing the client in the ear, you get my drift. Use this prescription with caution or could result in large rear-end (notice my face is the only thing in the picture).

3. Family Drama

Ugh. Principal called. Kids failing. Husband working late. Sister/Brother being a brat. Aunt gossiping. Grandpa fell, again. My diagnosis--cookie time. These call for special cookies. I often suggest you treat yourself to a local (and delicious) bakery for these moments. No need to bake or shop. Just drop in and eat. My favorite place in Arizona is called Sweet Cakes (Yum!) and thank goodness it's a 40 minute drive from my house.

4. Peace

How do cookies promote peace, you ask? It is National Peace Day today, so I thought I'd add my cookie-saves-the-day theory to this often debated question. Here is my simple answer: Have you ever been mad at anyone who dropped off cookies to you? Have you? No. I've had people I hate drop off cookies to me, and then, suddenly, like magic *POOF* I like them again. See...Peace.

Wow, cookies really are amazing.