Three years ago I took a big step. I left a job that was killing me, literally. So, I quit. Walked out the door, smiling.

Happy. Content.

That was Thursday, October 10th, 2013.

Pay attention. There is a reason I tell you this and it all circles back to the New York Times Best-Selling Author, Bob Goff.

Bob Goff encourages people to quit something every Thursday. A job. A bad habit. Soda. Sugar. Judging others. Sleeping in too late. A club. A credit card. The list can go on and on and on.

I was introduced to his radical way of thinking (and loving others!) when I went with my mom to a church event where he was the main speaker. My life changed, forever. The minute he got on the stage, his very presence, made me listen to what he said. Dynamic, funny, whimsical, and filled with love for other people, I felt myself drawn into his stories about love (more to come on that in another post).

Today, is for quitting.

Typically quitting is considered bad. Looked down upon. Discouraged. But, Bob Goff teaches it's good to quit one thing every Thursday. It doesn't have to be monumental (ex:me quitting my job) but it can be something small, almost insignificant.

I'll be transparent and let you know that today I am quitting weighting myself everyday. Yup, every morning I wake up, naked (as if that somehow helps) and weight myself and I've let it determine my happiness.

Today, I quit doing it.

I've found myself, and my life, much happier since I started this practice.

Thanks, Bob Goff.

I knew being a quitter was a good thing.