I hate bad days. I know we all have them, but, really, some of them just suck. Here are a few ideas to get through those sneaky little bad days:

1. Laugh

I put on Pandora and pop on my comedian of choice (FYI: Dane Cooke and Jim Gaffigan). How can you continue to have a bad day when you are laughing? Really. It is my number one go-to when I'm having a rough patch at work or home. If you don't know about Pandora, it is a free streaming app (for both desktop and phone) that allows you to stream music (and comedians) for free.

2. Drink

No, not that kind of drink, although, I'm sure many of you have had those kind of days. I'm talking about having a comfort drink on hand. My choice is always hot cocoa. But, I do have herbal teas and even my favorite soda, on hand at work. Sometimes I need to take a mini-drink-break. If you have the kind of schedule that allows for you to dive out for a moment to go to Starbucks or Jamba Juice, take that time to rejuvenate and hydrate.


3. Pray or Meditate

Prayer should've been number one. I pray throughout the day to God. Little things. Big things. But, when I'm having an intense moment, I duck out to the bathroom or my car, and say a prayer. Meditation is huge for me as well. Sit at your desk and breath in for the count of seven, hold for four, and breath out for eight. Repeat ten times. I use this technique, hourly.

4. Walk

Get moving. Get out of the office or house and go for a walk. There is nothing better for you than getting your blood pumping and clearing your head. In Arizona I have the advantage of beautiful weather almost year-round, but for you folks in colder climates, I'd suggest just getting out of the office and walk. Anywhere. Even if it's just climbing the stairs.

Bad days come. Good news, they don't last forever. Try these four tips and see how they work.