A girl's night out. That's all it was supposed to be. Bridget Jones, the gals, and laughter. Instead, the lights dimmed in the movie theatre, the smell of fresh popcorn drifted through the air, and the screen jumped to life with the previews. The first preview, A Dog's Purpose, left me a blubbering, whiney, mess and made me wish I was at home snuggling with my pups.


Why are they so darn special?

 1. Tears

Try crying in front of your dog. Do it. Real, thick, crocodile tears. I can guarantee you one thing, your dog will not like it. Instead, he will cuddle up next to you and lick your face. He'll snuggle with you, hoping, whatever (or whoever) has done this to you, will pay. Until then, your furry friend will hope his love is enough. And, it is.


2. Love

Feeling left out or out of place? It's as if your dog knows. He will race to greet you the minute you walk through the door, like you are the only human being on the planet. They L-O-V-E you! Just you. It doesn't matter how your day has gone, seeing their little faces (and, I swear, they look like they are smiling) can brighten any sulky, dreary day. The love of a dog has no limits.


3. Laughter

Dogs are little comedians. Having a rough day (pun intended) or need a little pick-me-up? Dogs have a telepathic way of knowing you need a good laugh. Whether it's running around the house like a maniac-dog, barking playfully, or just running into walls (oh, that's my dog, Jake, he's the dog-version of Jim Carey); dogs know exactly when to be silly.

4. Safety

Besides barking and biting strangers, dogs have a way of sniffing out the people you bring around as "company" and "friends". If they don't like them, chances are, you shouldn't either. Hey, I can only point to a few friends that my doggies weren't fond of and they ended up being real, well, let's just say, jerks.


5. Confidants

My dogs know everything. They know when I'm mad, and who at, and why. I've told them all of my deepest darkest secrets. They know when I'm upset about work, or friends, or kids, or anything; they just sit, obediently, and listen to my stories, and seem, at least to me, to really care. The good news with dogs is they can't tell anyone (but, I don't think they would, even if they could speak).


See, Dogs are healing.

I don't know where I'd be without my furry little friends.

One thing is for sure, I never want to find out.