A girl's best friend is diamonds, so the famous cliché says. But I'd have to say for me, it's my journal. Don't get me wrong. I'd never deny myself a diamond, or shoes, or clothes. But, journal writing helps me focus on the important things in life, instead of, let's say the new Fall boots from Nordstroms.

1. Easy

It takes zero brain cells to write in a journal. You don't have to be creative or witty. Just be you. Write what you are feeling, thinking about, or write about the annoying lady who always calls you "Cupcake." Write about whatever you want. Just make the time to journal every day. A few years ago several people started a journal where they wrote down what they were grateful for, try that. I often write what is on my mind, my goals, my dreams, what I want to eat, what makes me happy (or sad), what I wish I could do better, or what I think I'm doing right. This is ground zero for you. Write whatever YOU want.

2. Cheap

It takes a journal and a pen. Cheap items you can find at the dollar store. My current journal is from the bargain bin at Tuesday Morning and it cost me less than $3. You don't need any fancy machinery, electricity, monthly dues; just put your pen to paper and write.

3. Cleansing and Healing

If I can't sleep, I journal. If I'm upset or frustrated with life (or people), I journal about it. If I want to scream and holler at someone, I write it all out. It helps me to cleanse my soul of impurities. It stops me from any type of rage or over-the-top-ideas I might have and helps me to be rational and calm. Studies show journaling helps raise healthy immune cells, reduces the symptoms of arthritis and asthma, and even helps us come to terms with problems by accessing our analytical brain.


4. Creativity

Hello, Creatives! Journaling should be a MUST for your creative life. From artist to writer, from musician to doodler, journaling helps to access the creativity energy pent up inside of you. Use it to free your imagination in writing or to access the emotions you need to compose a new song, or paint the picture you've  envisioned. Journals have been used by all of the great artists, musicians, and writers in the past, so, by default, you should using this awesome technique as well.

As for me...

Journaling has helped me deal with some tough, deep issue. Sure, I've used it for my creativity and it's actually crucial for my writing. But, I've also used it when life dealt me some heavy blows, or a fight happened with someone I loved, or I was confused by a situation. I've always ended up in a better place due to journaling.

So, get started! You  might be surprised how much it helps.