The beauty of a bride-to-be is something to behold. A wonder. A work. A gift. A few days ago I attended the bridal shower of my dear friend Rosa's daughter, Marisah. I arrived fashionably late to the party (as always) and was greeted with a beautiful spectacle of white linen table cloths, ribbon-laced decorations, a delicious assortment of food, Mimosas and a room full of love.

Lots of love.

As I nestled myself at one of the tables, I did what most writers do best. I observed. I watched as the bride bounced from table to table talking to friends, hugging and laughing and taking in her special day. She wore a beautiful white dress and a smile to match. She was gorgeous.

But, it was my friend, Rosa (mother of the bride) who captured my eye. She stood watchful over her daughter, smiling, laughing, hugging and beaming at her daughter who will soon become a wife. A few times, her smile faltered, as if she might weep, but then it would quickly pick back up again and shine.

I've watched Rosa work two jobs to help pay for her daughter's wedding. A single mother's job is never really done. She wears the hat of two parents. I've eaten plenty of lunches and dinners and had late night chats or texts with Rosa about life, and family, and God, and this wedding. I've seen God cascade his grace on her and give her the strength of two parents. I've watched her pray until she wept over her children and I've laughed with her over the silliness of life, the awesomeness of God, and the joy of motherhood.

I don't know what she was thinking that day, maybe of how Marisah used to be a toddler one minute and now was a bride-to-be. Maybe she was thinking of the miracles she's witnessed in her own life, and Marisahs, as they've prepared for the wedding. I'm not sure, I haven't asked her, yet.

But this much I do know. As the festivities of the day started to wind down, Rosa announced that she wanted all the women in the room to gather around her daughter and pray over her. Each woman rested their hand on Marisah, and subsequently on each other as Rosa started to pray over her daughter.

And, all I can say is--Wow!

The spirit in the room changed and it felt like a thousand angels entered the room. I had to open my eyes to verify (seriously). It was at that moment that I saw the bride, Marisah, glowing in the most angelic manner. Illuminating the room in such a way that I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.

The picture tells the story.

Mother touching her precious daughter, praying over her, asking for God to be present...and, boy, was He ever. I witnessed the angelic presence of a mother; a powerful, praying, loving mother and her daughter.

I was touched by the presence of two angels that day--mother and daughter--joined in love, covered in prayer, and graced by God's presence.

And, let me tell you, it was powerful.