20 Facts About Me

I love all things Harry Potter and Star Wars.
I believe in UFO's.
I don't fall asleep until 2 a.m. every night.
I love music--all music.
I'm married to a guitarist (and my best friend).
I love Sherlock Holmes.
I've completed a half marathon.
I have three awesome children (Brooke, Tanner, and Hannah).
I'm an in-door type of gal (museums, aquariums, symphony).
I love Family Guy.
I love Forensic Files and all things related to crime-type-shows.
I love artwork.
I once saw Adele for $15 and had front row seats.
I love dogs.
I love comedians and comedy shows.
I love the Conan O'Brien show.
I can typically be found at the library, writing.
I love watching movies at the theatre (see about 2 movies per week).
I love to encourage people to pursue their passions.
I love God.